Pharmaceutical policy and practice research deal with the issues related to medicines regulation, access, and use. It also addresses questions such as how and why people access pharmacy services; how much pharmaceutical care costs; and what happens to patients when they use these services.

Appropriate research into pharmaceutical policy can produce real benefits for both the use of medicines and resource allocation for medicines. However, publishing the research in an appropriate and high impact forum is a crucial component for initiating policy benefits. It not only informs the readership about the research process, but it also has a significant impact on public health and nurtures further inquiry.

In this context,  the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice (JoPPP) was launched and the objective was to disseminate empirical research findings, with the aim people everywhere have access to medicines they need and use them rationally. The main aim of JoPPP was to promote pharmaceutical policy research from low and middle-income countries - a job which the journal did well. Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice provided opportunity and support to emerging researchers with 30 to 40% of the contributors being first-time authors. The journal also published studies on the pharmaceutical situation of countries where little or no pharmaceutical literature is available e.g. Slovenia, Macedonia, and Afghanistan. JoPPP was also commended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its policy impact was evident from published studies.

Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice is currently doing very well and has grown big since its inception. In this context, JoPPP conference on Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice in 2019 has been planned  and the proposals are invited for the future conferences in 2020 and 2021.

This would be a high profile event to showcase global pharmaceutical policy research and to highlight research leading to policy development.


The aim of this conference is to build on the Journal’s work and to set the future global agenda for evidence-informed pharmaceutical policy research.


  • To discuss what is being published and what evidence has made a difference
  • To set a future global agenda for pharmaceutical policy research


  • Pharmaceutical Policy Research: Development, Evidence, and Impact
  • Recent trends in methodological approaches to produce pharmaceutical policy and practice research
  • Challenges in acquiring data to produce evidence-based pharmaceutical policy research
  • Role of universities and international agencies to produce evidence-based pharmaceutical policy and practice research
  • Pharmaceutical policy and practice research evidence: future perspectives

Expected outcome

The conference proceedings will be published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice and also in the form of a separate monograph.

Who should attend

  • Pharmacists, Doctors, Health Economists, Health Policy Analysts, Policy Makers, Government
  • Staff working at drug regulatory authorities
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • MPharm, MPH, MPhil and PhD scholars
  • Junior/senior Researchers/Research Associates
  • Academic Members of Universities
  • Staff members of health policy making and research institutions
  • Research and Development Executives (Public and Private Organizations)

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